Introducing the CD50 Range

Working together to protect, restore and beautify your timber.

The CD50 range of products have been specifically formulated to work together, so you can achieve the very best results. Below are our current range of products. Click on the 'Find out more' button for more information on each. 

CD50 - Timber Protection Oil

Deep penetrating Timber Protection Oil for interior and exterior use, protects against decay, fungus, mould, provides water repellency, and assists with dimensional stability (keeping the timber straight).

CD50 Extreme - Extreme Timber Protection Oil

A variation of CD50 that penetrates faster and deeper and is effective against a broader spectrum of mould and fungus.
Product of choice for decking, thick timbers and timber in extreme conditions.


SaraClean - Gentle Timber Cleaner

Cleans silvered, dirty, mouldy and black timber surfaces in preparation for applying CD50.
Can be used as a general cleaning agent and before reapplying CD50.


DeepClean - Heavy Duty Timber Cleaner

A concentrated timber cleaner used to remove stains that SARAClean cannot remove.


Naked Stripper - Paint and Stain Remover

As the name suggests, use Naked Stripper to completely remove paints, stains, varnishes and natural oils to bring your timber back to it's original state. Use prior to application of CD50 or CD50 Extreme. 

Support products:




A water soluble product for preserving newly felled timber which still contains sap, and other timber which contains high levels of internal moisture.




A water soluble low sheen urethane that has been developed for use with CD50 e.g. to prevent migration into absorbent materials and provide wipable interior surfaces.



Anti-Microbial Stabiliser formulated for pre-sealing dry timber. Stabiliser Max protects timber during transportation, storage and onsite construction.