SARAClean: Bring your timber back to its best.

SARAClean is designed to specifically clean your timber surfaces in a gentle manner. It is available in powder and liquid form. SARAClean in either form will restore and clean your uncoated timber surfaces.

SARAClean being used to clean Cedar

SARAClean being used to clean Cedar

SARAClean Liquid

SARAClean liquid is a concentrated liquid which is diluted before use. Mix 1 part of SARAClean Liquid to 9 parts of clean WATER . A test area should always be cleaned first to check the time required for it to work.

SARAClean Powder

SARAClean powder is a white granulated powder which is dissolved in water to form a solution. It will not harm plants or rubber, and will not bleach clothing.

The SARAClean solution is a non- flammable, non-hazardous, bio-degradable solution.

SARAClean Uses 

SARAClean (in either form) is used to clean and restore old, weathered, dirty timber. It will remove black, grey oxidised fibres, moulds, fungi, dirt and grime etc, returning old timber to near new appearance. SARAClean is also used as a wash in preparation for recoating with CD50 during routine maintenance.

Although developed specifically for use on timber, SARAClean will also remove dirt, grime, road film, oxidized paint etc. from tiles, bricks, concrete, blocks, stone, fibrolite, paint, timber, driveways, paths, glass, rubber and cobblestones etc.

Instructions for use

SARAClean Liquid

Add 1 part of SARAClean Liquid to 9 parts of clean WATER.
Apply to a test patch so check the time required for it to work.
Apply liberally with brush, roller or garden sprayer.
Allow to work for 20-30 minutes or the time as determined on the test patch.

It may be necessary to scrub stubborn stains with a stiff brush.
The longer the SARAClean is left on the timber, the greater the rinse time may be required.


SARAClean Powder

Add the entire packet (100 grams) of powder into 10 litres of clean water.
Dissolve completely
Saturate the surface to be cleaned with the ‘made-up solution’.

Ten litres of made up solution will clean approx 60-70 square metres of timber surface.

Power Washing

Once the SARAClean has had time to work, power wash it off with a waterblaster using a fan nozzle (at approx 600-800 psi pressure at the timber surface) Clean from the highest point and work down methodically, overlapping each stroke taking care not to miss any patches and allowing the water to cascade over the unwashed surface to keep it from drying out.
Do not leave the pressure cleaner stationary on the timber at any time.


When cleaning soft timber surfaces, reduce water pressure to avoid scouring of sapwood. ALWAYS clean off with a soft ‘even fan-shaped water jet’. DO NOT use ‘turbo jets’ on timber or paint work. For other soft timbers, use a brush or broom instead.

SARAClean is slippery when applied to timber – do not walk on surfaces coated with SARAClean

Water flush all equipment, vegetation, paths, concrete, asphalt and other adjacent surfaces immediately upon contact. Be aware of wind drift when applying and washing SARAClean off.


SARAClean will not remove old coatings – these must be stripped off using Naked Stripper.

If applying the made up solution through a water blast venturi system, ensure that SARAClean uptake concentration is increased to compensate sufficiently for added water dilution through the machine.

If timber is badly stained or extremely dirty – better results will be achieved with DEEPClean Intensive Timber Cleaner.

For full Technical and Safety Information - See SARAClean Technical Data Sheet