Deck restoration the right way

Before you start:    

Make sure deck has not been previously treated with stain, paint or oil. If it has, any previous treatment (other than CD50), it must be completely removed.

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If you want to:

  • maintain the original timber colour of deck, e.g. Kwila, pine etc.

  • let the deck timber silver naturally

  • colour the deck timber to the colour of your choice


Calculate the deck area in square meters 
Calculate how much product you will need

  • 1 litre of DEEPClean cleans about 8 square meters (dilute up to 50/50 with water - use undiluted if deck is badly stained)

  • 1 litre of CD50 EXTREME covers approx. 6-8 square meters


DEEPClean & CD50 EXTREME (with or without Colourtone) 
Find a Reseller in your area or contact Churton Pacific


1. Wet the deck and any adjoining powder coated or painted joinery
2. Spray or brush DEEPClean over deck – avoid powder coated or painted joinery
3. Leave overnight

Power Washing

Once the DEEPClean has had time to work, power wash it off with a waterblaster using a fan nozzle (at approx 600-800 psi pressure at the timber surface) On vertical surfaces clean from the highest point and work down methodically overlapping each stroke taking care not to miss any patches and allowing the water to cascade over the unwashed surface to keep it from drying out.
Do not leave the pressure cleaner stationary on the timber at any time.
DEEPClean penetrates into the timber and will migrate to the surface as the surface layer of DEEPClean is washed off. Foaming occurs when there is still DEEPClean in the timber so continue washing until foaming stops.

CD50 Application:    

1. Once dry apply first coat of CD50 EXTREME to deck - with brush, speedbrush or roller. NOTE: Remove any excess - there should be a thin film of CD50 on your finger when you wipe it over the timber surface
2. Apply second coat of CD50 EXTREME after 6 weeks. CD50 takes longer to penetrate into hardwood timber and penetrates slower in cooler weather - allow for this
3. Allow to dry before allowing foot traffic on the deck.


Reapplication time is from 1 to 3 years for colourtoned decks. This depends on timber type porosity and exposure to weather and sunlight. Where UV exposure is extreme e.g. coastal and fully exposed conditions, reapplication times may be reduced accordingly.

View our Timber Deck Procedure document here.