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We have unique solutions for Log Homes. Contact Churton Pacific for tailored solutions or follow the procedures below. If using our products, we can provide a Suppliers Certificate for your specific situation.

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Log Timber Preservation


AP5 is the contact fungicide used on freshly peeled or sawn logs to control sap stain and begin the preservation process. AP5 is liberally applied to all cut and exposed surfaces as soon as possible after peeling, sawing, notching etc. AP5 is used to best effect when the moisture content exceeds 25%. Always add CONCENTRATE to WATER. AP5 can be applied by brush, spray, roller or by dipping.

Spray Application:
Use knapsack, garden or similar airless type spray, and spray to saturation.

6 m2/litre minimum:
Dilution: 4 parts clean water to 1 part AP5

Brush Application:
Use neat (undiluted) on cut joints, notches etc.

Other surfaces:
Dilution: 20 parts clean water to 1 part AP5

Use plastic lined or stainless steel tanks

60 minute dip/soak or 5 day dip/soak:
Dilution: 50 parts clean water to 1 part AP5


CD50 EXTREME is then applied liberally with 1 application (minimum) per 100mm diameter of log, when moisture percentage is suitable. i.e. 4 coats for a 400mm diameter log.

If newly felled logs are to be treated, apply once the surface has started to dry, leaving the ends or preferably the interior untreated to allow the moisture to be driven out. This will slow drying and help prevent checking on log ends.
Apply the calculated number of applications liberally, these can be as soon as a day apart.

If you are intending to use a colourtone in the CD50, it is recommended to use the colourtone also in the CD50 EXTREME applications as colour retention will be increased.


First wash any dirt, pollen, salt off the timber using SARAClean according to the instructions. Then apply a minimum of one application of CD50 EXTREME at a rate of 5 to 7 m2 per litre every 3 years. (there may be situations where more frequent maintenance applications are required - call Churton Pacific for advice.