Here's some common questions about CD50

If you can't find an answer to your question, please feel free to email or call us. We'd be happy to help

What happens if my timber is not protected?
See our Timber Facts page

How does the weather affect my timber?
See our Timber Facts page

How should I protect my timber?
Obviously we recommend CD50 and CD50 Extreme

How does CD50 protect my timber?
It protects by penetrating deep into the timber. See our About CD50 page for more information.

What sets CD50 apart from other products?
It is not a film, or standard oil. It penetrates deep into the timber to give you better protection. See our CD50 page for more information.

Is CD50 safe to use around children and pets? And is it safe for the environment?
Yes - for more technical information on CD50, view our CD50 Technical Data Sheet.

What timbers can I use CD50 on?
Pretty much all of them, but check our our CD50 Technical Data Sheet to see if your timber is listed. If you’re unsure, contact us, and we’ll let you know.

How do I use CD50?
Check out our simple Usage Guide or our About CD50 page.

Where can I buy CD50? 
You can find a list of stockist on our Re-sellers page

Can I put CD50 on top of other products? 
No - see About CD50 for further information

Why is it so important that I remove all surface coatings (paints, stains) before using CD50?
See our About CD50 page

I don't know if my house has been previously treated with a surface treatment or film former.
It’s difficult to answer this without some specific information. We recommend talking to the experts at The GoodWoodGuys.

My house has a surface coating (paint, stain, etc.) - how do I remove it?
It is best to get a professional to do this for you - this can be a complex process, using specialised equipment and chemicals. The results can be dramatic, as warped and cupped timbers can be returned to their near original profile, and the original natural colour and beauty of the wood restored. 
For further advice contact Churton Pacific Ltd we can recommend reliable experienced people who will give you a good result. Or contact The GoodWoodGuys

My timber weatherboards have cupped and twisted - what can CD50 do to resurrect them?
See our About CD50 page 

Is CD50 suitable for the harsh sunlight and very high UV levels we have in New Zealand?

Will CD50 peel? 

Can I use CD50 inside my house?  
Yes, CD50 can be used inside the home safely. 
Where it will be exposed to splashes from spa pools, kitchens or toilets, it should be protected with WETSHIELD. In areas where it will exposed to dirt and grim, such as doors, window sills, contact areas etc., WETSHIELD can be used as a protective coating so the surface can be wiped clean as necessary. 

Can I use CD50 on my hardwood outdoor furniture?
Yes - check out our Restoring Outdoor Furniture page for more information

Can I use CD50 on decks?
Yes - check out our Restoring a Deck page for more information

Can I use CD50 on plywood?
Yes - see details on our About CD50 page

Can I use CD50 on shingles?
Yes - see details on our About CD50 page

My Timber has had nothing on it - how do I prepare it for CD50
See our handy guide - click here

My timber has silvered with age/ is dirty/ mouldy - can I get it back to the original colour?
Yes - see details on our About CD50 page

My timber is heavily stained with water stains, tannin stains or grease
No problem - see details on our DEEPClean page

I want to retain the colour that my timber is now - I do not want it to silver
No problem - see details on our About CD50 page

I want my timber to age and weather naturally
Sure, but to get the best life out of it, we recommend using CD50 to protect your timber. It can still silver naturally, but won’t crack or split, giving you longer lasting timber.

I want my timber to age and silver naturally but want an even silver look all over
No problem - see our About CD50 page

Do I have to measure the thickness of CD50 after applying it? 
No! CD50 soaks into the timber - it is not a surface film forming product however brush or wipe off any excess after application to stop dripping.

Do I have to put a coat of preservative on first, then several coats of colour?
No - CD50 contains the active ingredients in one mix. If you want a Colourtone, you add this to the mix. It all goes on together. Then you apply the second coat (the same mix) after at least four weeks.

I understand that if I use new timber, the retained moisture must be less than 17% - what is retained moisture and how will I know the level?
Retained moisture is the natural sap left in the wood. This must be reduced to below 17% before applying CD50. Your timber merchant can test the timber and tell you how much moisture the timber contains.

I want to build a log house - what should I use to treat it?
CD50 Extreme. Check out our Log Home page.