Deep Clean

DEEPClean: For timber with stubborn stains.

DEEPClean is the product of choice for cleaning decks and outdoor furniture. 
DEEPClean is a concentrated water soluble timber cleaner and is also used to remove stains that SARAClean cannot remove.

DEEPClean can remove:

  • Water marks and stains

  • Sap and resin stains

  • Deep fungal stains

  • Green stain from CCA treated (tanalised) timber

  • Oil, grease, carbon stains and many other chemical stains

DEEPClean restores and enhances the surface character of any species of timber. Results can be quite spectacular. Dead fibres and stains are removed, restoring the natural timber colour. CD50 or CD50 EXTREME can then be applied to maintain and protect the renewed appearance.



How To Use DEEPClean 

The surface to be treated must be free of paint, films and sealers.
Saturate timber surface with water
Apply DEEPClean liberally to the wet timber surface by brush, backpack sprayer or through the venturi on a waterblaster.
Leave for 2 hours to several days depending on the severity of the stain or condition of the timber.
The active time for DEEPClean will vary. Water stains and sap stains are usually removed within 30 minutes. Timber with deep stains or surface defects, or timber previously treated with CD50 may require up to 4 to 8 hours. DEEPClean may be left overnight, or even for several days before washing off, if stains are severe. On Plywood, do not leave longer than two hours.

Power Washing

Once the DEEPClean has had time to work, power wash it off with a waterblaster using a fan nozzle (at approx 600-800 psi pressure at the timber surface) On vertical surfaces clean from the highest point and work down methodically overlapping each stroke taking care not to miss any patches and allowing the water to cascade over the unwashed surface to keep it from drying out.
Do not leave the pressure cleaner stationary on the timber at any time.
DEEPClean penetrates into the timber and will migrate to the surface as the surface layer of DEEPClean is washed off. Foaming occurs when there is still DEEPClean in the timber so continue washing until foaming stops.



Pressures over 600 psi should not be used on soft timbers or bamboo decking as this will scour out the sap wood. 

Where strong water washing is not practical, it can be washed off with clean water and a stiff bristled scrubbing brush brush. All traces of DEEPClean must be removed. 

For full Technical and Safety Information - See DEEPClean Technical Data Sheet