About CD50 Timber Protection Oils


CD50 Protection Oils have been developed to deeply penetrate into dry timber and protect the timber from the inside out. 

Features of CD50 Protection Oils:

  • They are not coatings – they penetrate deep into timber and cannot peel or flake
  • They help maintain the dimensional stability of the timber i.e. help keep timber straight, and reduce warping, splitting and cupping
  • They are effective against a wide range of mould, fungus and the bacteria that cause rot
  • They are water repellant, and protect against moisture absorbed into timber from the air e.g. humidity and dampness
  • They are safe and easy to use
  •  Maintenance is easy – just wash and reapply – no sanding required

CD50 - Timber Protection Oil

CD50 brings out the true beauty of your timber. CD50 is a Deep penetrating Timber Protection Oil for interior and exterior use, protects against decay, fungus, mould, provides water repellency, and assists with dimensional stability (keeping the timber straight).

CD50 Extreme - Extreme Timber Protection Oil

A variation of CD50 that penetrates faster and deeper and is effective against a broader spectrum of mould and fungus.
Product of choice for decking, thick timbers and timber in extreme conditions.