CD50 Extreme

When Deeper and Faster Penetration is needed - Use CD50 Extreme.
CD50 Extreme is the product of choice for thick profile timber, logs, beams etc. and also for hardwoods, outdoor furniture and decks.
As CD50 Extreme has a wider microbiological spectrum - it is used in conditions where the growth of mould and fungus would be a problem e.g. heated aquatic centres etc.


Save $$$ in Scaffold Costs

As CD50 Extreme penetrates rapidly, the 2nd coat can be applied in days.
In warmer weather and with absorbent timber - as in most timber claddings - the 2nd coat can be applied as soon as the next day. In colder weather it is best to wait 2 to 3 days. 
For decking, allow longer between coats especially for hardwoods.

CD50 Extreme is ideal for:

  • Decks
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Thick Timber (logs, posts, beams, slabs)
  • Extreme Situations (high humidity, dampness)

If you want to minimise warping, cupping, checking and splitting, and help control mould and fungus - reach for CD50 Extreme. It will add years of life to your timber and means less time and money spent maintaining your timber.

Choose the colour that suits

CD50 Oils come clear, with a wide choice of colourtones which can be easily added to enhance the natural look of your timber. It's just a matter of choosing the colour that suits your timber. Adding a colourtone provides your wood with extra UV protection, enhancing the natural look of the timber and retaining the 'freshly oiled look' for longer.

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