Support for the entire CD50 Range

What we can offer you:

  • Consultation Services - advice for all situations

  • Customised CD50 products for individual situations e.g. unusual & challenging environments & timber types

  • Supplier certificates where required

  • Restoration of existing timber to match alterations and extensions

  • Product Specifications - PDF

  • Product Specifications - WORD


Use CD50 Extreme for Faster Second Coating

Save on scaffolding and labour costs by using CD50 Extreme for the first coat. Using CD50 Extreme for the first coat allows for a second coat of either CD50 Extreme or CD50 Original to be applied within days of the first coat.

CD50 Extreme penetrates faster and deeper and is effective against a broader spectrum of mould and fungus. 

(If using CD50 Original for both coats a minimum of up to 6 weeks is required before a second coat can be applied.)

More Information

Expert Advice

For expert advice contact the Churton Pacific Consultant Stewart McLeod. He has been working with CD50 and using the CD50 range of preparation products since 2002. Contact details are 0800GOODWOOD and

Your Project - Our involvement

1st Application - Precoaters, Contractors or Owners

2nd Application - Contractors or Owners

  • Website instructions and advice

  • Experienced CD50 consultant for advice

Maintenance and Consultation

  • Maintenance Information Pack to Owner

  • Our experienced consultant and International R & D team are available for consultation and advice

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