Timber protection starts with the right approach

We believe that timber must be protected from deterioration using environmentally non-toxic products, which work from deep within, rather than by coating the surface in a film forming product. We believe in the principles of sustainability, but we also believe in products that work.

Churton Pacific Limited is a New Zealand owned company specialising in timber protection and restoration products. 
Our CD50 Timber Protection Oils protect, preserve and enhance the natural beauty and character of timber. We also have range of timber friendly products for cleaning, preparing and restoring timber surfaces.

What's the problem with products that 'coat' your timber?

Firstly, films and coatings can hide the natural beauty of the timber, but more importantly they can break down, allowing moisture to enter and become trapped behind the remaining film, resulting in unsightly stains and deterioration of the timber.

Our approach is to use products which penetrate deep into the timber to protect it from within, maintaining its structure and shape (dimensional stability), while accentuating the natural grain and characteristics of the timber.