New Zealand’s best timber protection.

If you’re building a home, deck, or anything else that has a timber finish, you want to make sure it’s protected so you can get maximum enjoyment from your investment. Timber exposed to the elements can swell, twist, warp, crack and split, not to mention create a perfect environment for the growth of mould. None of which leaves you with the desirable looking home or deck you intended.

The CD50 Timber Protection Oils from Churton Pacific provides New Zealand’s best timber protection, penetrating deep into the timber, preventing water from soaking in. CD50’s protection will maintain the natural look of your timber, and you can choose to maintain the initial finished look, or let the timber naturally silver as it ages. Either way, your timber will be protected, and with regular maintenance will retain it’s quality look for many years




The CD50 range: timber protection products the trades turn to.

If you want to know the best products to use on any renovation or new build project, look at the product the trades use. These are products that have proven themselves time and time again, and don’t let down their customers. CD50's range of products are just this type of product.  We're proud of the support we receive from professional trade users. Their endorsement, in the form of continued use of our products, is the best evidence we can think of that our product is truly delivering the best timber protection available.